February 18: Another clear day

Today was another exceptionally clear day. It was also an uneventful day save for the lunch get-together with my siblings. That started the day off nicely. I got to hear about what they were reading and about how their book clubs worked, in terms of what kinds of things they talked about.

There was also some chat about our upcoming family reunion in July. Eureka! continues to have Lady Face Blind Ambition for $4 so I couldn’t resist having one (and then another one). These kinds of family outings don’t last too long, no one’s prone to linger or talk about anything too amusing, so I was on my way home by 1:30, just in time for a quick hike.

Like I said, it was very clear day. Lots of folks were heading out at once so I decided to take a connector trail towards El Escorpion. Once there, I picked up a trail that I was pretty sure would link back to the Victory side. I was right, but the last third of the trail was brutally steep. Had it not been for the light, cooling breeze it may have been too much. But I made it and then found my way to Bible Rock before heading back to the main trail and my car.

Those two beers were not my friend on this hike, but I was happy to have made it out for a couple hours.

I’m getting a little antsy about the book. It’s feeling ripe and ready to publish. I’m ready to move on but circumstances won’t let me quite yet. It’s also a time of anticipation. There are always technical issues, most commonly with the EPUB or MOBI files used for the the Amazon Kindle Version.

It’s rather like the feeling of dreading impending traffic that you know you’ll hit, simply because you’re in a hurry. It makes you wonder why you’re in a hurry and then you remember.

There’s time enough but none to waste.

Tonight’s writing soundtrack is another LP. This time it’s an oldie and a scratchy one at that. It’s Paul Desmond’s That’s Jazz. It’s from 1961 and it’s pretty much the epitome of California Cool. Desmond’s playing is impeccable as always. There’s never been anyone better at this kind of stuff. His tone and articulation were effortless and he was rhythmically faultless and nimble to boot. Still, in some strange kind of way this LP reminds me that I really don’t much care for jazz anymore. The best jazz was universally played in the past and if you can’t find a reason to look ahead toward even the possibility of new and better days, a genre can really become mundane. It’s always amazing to me that these straight-laced looking guys like Desmond and Bill Evan were relentless self-abusers, Desmond with booze while Evans favored heroin and later cocaine. It makes their music perfect time capsules of another era when jazz was perfected and before its inevitable entropic decline.

Thanks for reading.

That was Jazz
February 18: Another clear day

5 thoughts on “February 18: Another clear day

  1. Bill Green says:

    What a strange coincidence! I had lunch today at Tomoko and had Ladyface IPA and Tripel. When I got home I wanted to read a test review of the RM-9. This morning I was looking at one for sale on Audiogon. I read way too much and definately need to sell my excess equipment before buying anything else(mostly according to my wife) but I am passionate about music and audio reproduction. I have bought RAM tubes in the past but have never owned Music Reference. I am now listening to Manley Retro 100 KT90 MONOBLOCKS and a VTL TL2.5 PRE. Somehow I happened upon your site about Roger. I have read quite a lot about him in the past.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pardon me Sir.
    I was searching for info about Roger Modjeski and the RM-9 and any light you can shed on the circuit would be greatly appreciated.
    Hopefully you can point the way as I may not be able to see the forest for the trees… LOL!
    I have an RM-9 MKII converted to a point to point, hand wired circuit and it has issues.
    While I am adept at reading schematics, I have never seen one with so many unconnected end points and I have schemas that are quite legible.
    To the extreme left at the 10k connection there is a -B1(?), which to my knowledge is not referenced anywhere else on the schema, to no connection point of any kind…!
    Also, in the bias supply, there are two -100vdc connections (each with a balloon around them), each after the 2-22uf supply caps.
    One says B?, the other -100v, also not reference on the schema.
    Thank you for every consideration.


    1. Regrettably, I can be of no help. A previous owner obviously tried to replace the driver pcb with the point to point mess you’re looking at. My best and only advice would be to try to find and contact whoever did the surgery. If Roger were still alive he might help. Then again, he may have been so put off by the modification as to make him withhold assistance. We’ll never know. In any event, thanks for your message. I truly wish I could help. Best of luck! Cheers. -Paul


      1. ampmedic says:

        Thank you, Paul, for your timely reply. The incomplete notation (my words) of the RM-9 schema is the problem. I’ll have to look elsewhere.
        Thanks again


      2. I wish I had someone to refer you to. You might try calling David Berning, but I’m really grasping at straws. There were no published schematics for the 9 so I’m even wondering what you’re looking at on that front. Again, my apologies. -PC


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