Titleist DT TruSoft Review

Earlier this year I struck gold and bought two dozen TaylorMade Project (a) at 40% off.

I love that TM ball; soft, plenty of spin and the sucker flies.

I finally ran out last week and I decided to try the new Titleist DT TruSoft at $21 a dozen at Golfsmith.

The cover didn’t look right to my eye at first. It was a tad too white and a little hard looking compared to the Project (a) but I decided to play it anyway.

Now this is a very, very good cheap golf ball.


If your irons balloon on you from time to time, this ball will surely flatten your ball flight. The Project (a) seemed to fly high on pretty much everything but not so the humble little DT TruSoft.

This little white sucker likes to fly low!

The spin off the driver would seem to be a little less than the TM which is fine by me. Carry and roll seemed about the same, maybe a little longer. Who knows?

There seems to be proportionally more spin with the mid to short irons than the driver. It feels soft around the greens but not that mushy kind of soft you get from other low compression balls. My sense is that Titleist really did get the combination of the cover and the core just right with this ball. I’m a stickler for the sound of ball off the putter face. If it’s too clacky, I won’t play it. This cheap little Titleist sounds excellent off the putter; crisp but not clack.

I actually prefer everything about this ball over the more expensive NXT Tour but the look of the cover. By the end of the round I even got used to the look of the cover. It’s not really bworse, it’s just different. And, the cover appears to be pretty durable. I used one ball for 18 holes and once I cleaned it I couldn’t tell it from the new ones.

Anyway, you may want to check this ball out.

Titleist DT TruSoft Review