Leffe: My Favorite Blond

Leffe is my favorite Belgian beer and that’s saying something. Belgian beers, in my opinion, nearly always have a lingering aftertaste that detracts from the taste that precedes it. Interestingly, Leffe Blond has a distinct aftertaste as well. But, the wealth of its main flavor is so luxurious, so satisfying and so dang good that I can ignore (usually) what comes after. Mouth feel is soft and flavors of vanilla and clove remind me of a good spiced rum. To me, Leffe is best enjoyed on its own though I could imagine that it would pair nicely with a good cheeseburger and fries.

Sadly, I have never had the good fortune to have Leffe on tap.

Happily, it’s a super beer even out of the bottle.


Three Beers

Leffe: My Favorite Blond

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