And so the green is gone but beauty remains

That was fast. One day the green was here and now it’s gone. It’s true that a few small yellow and purple wildflowers survive but to paraphrase Shakespeare, their lease, too, is short. The loop trail was a little more dry and dusty each day and there’s pretty no one around since it’s been quite warm for the last few days. Without noticing, I nearly walked beyond the point where I took the photo of the vibrant if short-lived green when I happened to glance back. The perspective here is changed a little but it’s still easy to see how different the grasses look now that a month has passed.


It was an odd day. The sun had gone a little bit yellow as is dropped in the sky. The air had that dry dusty smell that says home to me, for better or worse.

The grasses had died but still it was beautiful.

A few strides earlier I when I came to the first full vista of Simi Valley I noticed the marvelous clouds that accompanied the hazy approach of sunset.

For me, it worked best in black & white.

Simi Pano BW


And so the green is gone but beauty remains

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