One is not enough & four is not too many: My SeeMore FGP collection

I bought my first SeeMore FGP on a whim. The aged FGP was sitting forlorn deep in the used putter orphanage at my local golf shop.

I believe I paid $35 for my belovedFGP.

That FGP marked a significant development for my putting. Before I owned that putter, I had played many different styles of putters, never staying with any one design for long and always being disappointed with my putting.

Then came the FGP. That original SeeMore FGP forever changed my outlook on putting. Putts started to look makable and on good days, easy.

Yup, as of today I own four SeeMore FGPs. The original, the one my golf buddy has named, Big Daddy, stays home during most rounds. It will always be my favorite but I usually find myself using my only new FGP, a limited edition putter (mine is number 45 of 100), when I play. I like the all-black shaft a little better than the two-tone shafts of the originals.

All of my FGPs use brass heads. I have used a stainless version of the FGP before but something about the sound is slightly less satisfying to me. It took me forever to find an all-brass model then one day a fine example popped up with its original cover and a somewhat smooth SeeMore grip.

The SeeMore grip is great for originality’s sake but I prefer the superb Rosemark grip. The IOmic grip in the photo is a temporary stand-in while I wait for another Rosemark.

Used SeeMore head covers are hard to come by in good shape. I wish SeeMore would make a move to covers from AM&E but that’s only because I’m a relentlessly picky SOB. In addition to the old and new original SeeMore covers there’s my new UCLA cover and a simple but high quality leather cover from Stitch Golf.

My latest FGP acquisition is another adopted orphan. Its finish was rough but the face and top line were clean so I snapped it up for $30. I am waffling between the idea of refinishing the crinkle-black finish or leaving it rat-rod style. I did take one liberty with the putter. It was originally built to 36″ so I carefully cut it down to 34″ to match its stablemates and installed the IOmic for now.

In my opinion, the design of the SeeMore FGP is as relevant to putting as the Ping Anser and, arguably, the FGP is the better design from the standpoints of ease of use and pure performance. For players who are wise enough to adopt the design and learn to use SeeMore’s simple, logical system better putting is all but assured. You won’t have to buy four SeeMore putters to learn the lesson. Buy one and you’ll be sold forever.

One is not enough & four is not too many: My SeeMore FGP collection

3 thoughts on “One is not enough & four is not too many: My SeeMore FGP collection

  1. Tim C says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by SeeMore putters. But I’ve never tried one. Just a few days ago I bought a used FGP (cast stainless with the milled face) on eBay for $50. While waiting for the club to be shipped I was reading more and more reviews and watching videos about the RST and it’s impact balance. And then I read your old blog post on Kingdom of Golf. Reading about the sound/feel difference between the brass and stainless steel models made me wonder if I’d bought the wrong model FGP. Until today. A brass model FGP popped up on eBay and I grabbed it for $45. I plan on replacing both grips with the same grip of my liking and the testing them against each other. Finding this newer updated blog post kind of makes me biased towards the brass FGP. Time will tell. I’m looking forward to trying them both. Or maybe starting my own collection!

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    1. Tim- Thanks for your comment. I wasn’t even sure my old KogBlog reviews were still floating around the web! Anyway, I’m glad you found them. All FGP are grip sensitive, especially the brass. For the most part, I prefer the Rosemark grips and I tend to use a bigger diameter when I putt conventionally and a smaller diameter when I go left hand low. With grips that are too firm, the brass SeeMores get a sound I don’t care for. By the way, I’m working on a review of new FGP 20 which has a thicker face and a smidge more heel & toe mass. It arrived with a Garson Tour so it will be interesting to see how it works. If you think about it, drop by again to read about it in a couple weeks. Thanks again for tracking my reviews down! -PC


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