A sheep or a good man?

Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant, waiting for my brother, when I saw a man come in and make his way toward the cashier. When he was a few feet away one of the employees said, “Excuse me, sir, do you have a mask?” The man sighed and nodded as he reached into his pocket. After he had the mask on the man said, “I’ll be a sheep.” Then, he kind of turned to look around and I caught his eye and said to him, “It’s funny, but you don’t look like a sheep. You look like a good man.”

A sheep or a good man?

2 thoughts on “A sheep or a good man?

  1. healthylaugh says:

    How about if I were to show you graphs of hospitalizations from areas that had all different manner of mask mandates, as well as non-mandates, and vacks rates, yet their curves were almost identical? That would be better than virtue-signaling and parroting the gov’t/MSM talking points, right? Just visit tomwoods.com for details.
    You seem like a nice person, but putting on a mask does not make you a “good guy.” I’m sure those packed college football stadiums with 80,000 rabid fans drinking with, screaming at, and hugging each other are causing you some undue stress, so I feel for you. I really do…


    1. Thanks for your comment. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t suffer “undue stress” about any of the things you might imagine. The man I wrote about was asked by the restaurant’s owner if he had a mask. He answered in the affirmative and put on a mask. He stated for all to hear that it made him feel like a sheep. I disagreed and told him so to his face. End of story. If I man is destined to feel like a sheep for complying with a polite request from a business owner then he needs help that neither you nor I can give him.


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