February 6: A quiet weekend

It was a quiet weekend, which was good. I had time to think about Cottonwood and my valley to valley idea without putting a lot of pressure on myself. I have to say that I would like to be looking forward to something positive but I’m getting the stuck-in-neutral feeling again. Who knows? Maybe it’s the weather. Or, maybe this transition year is already moving along a bit more rapidly than I hoped it would.

On the other hand, maybe I’m simply not taking on enough in the way of challenges. It’s hard to be satisfied with yourself when you don’t feel like you’re accomplishing enough.

Cottonwood was an immense undertaking but now it’s done and there’s nothing on the immediate horizon to get my attention, creatively anyway. The valley to valley project is something I could place my own horizon. It maximizes planning and brings a little of the unknown, but not so many unknowns that it feels unsolvable.

Still, it’s not quite enough to occupy my thoughts in a constructive way. I think this daily blog is a good thing. It helps to bring some structure and intensity to what I’m thinking about and how. But it’s not been easy and I cannot imagine it getting easier, but we’ll see how long I can keep it up.

Tonight’s writing soundtrack is Paul Brady singing Arthur McBride and the Sergeant. It’s a 7-minute Irish protest song and Brady has the perfect voice to sing the heck out of it.

Thanks for reading.

February 6: A quiet weekend

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