The Rosemarks are installed, so let’s talk about the thrilling topic of Grip Solvent!

Yes, they’re perfectly aligned.

Yes, they’re fully seated.

Yes, I am a little too precise with this regripping thing and I’m not sure why.

I’m not even going to burden you with a blow-by-blow account of my grip replacement protocol.

Instead, let’s talk about grip solvent. I know, that’s some nasty, boring stuff.


For years, I’ve used the Clubmaker brand, though I always disliked the smell and its tendency to cling to my hands even after repeated washings. So, I decided to try Wedge Guys grip solvent. It was reputed to smell better or at least less bad.

It’s true. It doesn’t smell bad at all and the order doesn’t seem to linger in the air as long as Clubmaker.


There’s a problem. It also isn’t quite as uniformly slick when you’re installing the grip, no matter how much is used. It’s like there are slick spots and sticky spots and this is no good especially when you’re installing expensive grips.


The stuff dries very slowly and, this is a weird one, stays a little slimy even after it’s been on a grip for weeks.

How do I know this?

I know because I removed a few grips weeks after I installed them and the grip caps were still slimy and almost damp. Remember, this is SoCal so it’s both hot and dry.

So, my experiment is over…I’m sticking with Clubmakers.

Sorry, Wedge Guys!

The Rosemarks are installed, so let’s talk about the thrilling topic of Grip Solvent!

Initial impressions of the Rosemark Putter Grip

I was very excited to find a new Rosemark putter grip on my front porch yesterday.

These grips use a hexagonal cross section shape that was developed using biomechanical mapping of the hand. The goals were a shape and texture that encouraged a light but secure grip and the ability to keep the putter face square through impact.

In putting, tension is your enemy.

I requested the 1.25″ grip in black and it looks and feels superb. The grip does indeed feel very stable when gripped and the surface material, especially on the flat front of the grip is very smooth on the skin.


You can see the profile of the Rosemark grip’s unusual silicone beads in this photo. The beads work together with the microfiber wrap to create a truly unique feeling putter grip.

I will be posting more detailed comments on the Rosemark soon once I get the chance to roll some putts with it later on today.


Initial impressions of the Rosemark Putter Grip