SeeMore Triangulator Review

There isn’t a putter on the planet who is immune from problems with aim. And, let’s face it, if you don’t know exactly where you’re aimed knowing exactly how much a putts breaks and having the speed of a putt perfectly judged still means a missed putt.

Break varies…

Speed varies…

But, the ability to aim your putter blade precisely at the hole is a skill anyone can develop.

The SeeMore Triangulator will help.

Let’s be clear. The SeeMore Triangulator is simple and it’s brilliant. Its use is totally intuitive. You simply pick something to aim at (I started out in my living room). Then, you set up your putter and aim at the target. Now comes the part when you’ll need an assitant. While holding your putter blade in the alignment that shows where you’re aimed, your assistant will place the Triangulator against your putter plade and then pull the white string toward the target, thereby showing where you’re actually aimed. Voila!

Well, almost voila…

If your set up and tendency for alignment is consistent you’ll see that you consistently aim right or left. This may be related to your eyes being inside, directly over the ball or even a tad outside your line at address. But, no matter how you set up to the ball, as long as you do it consistently, you should see a pattern to your aim that the Triangulator will help you to correct.

It’s no secret that I’m a true believer in SeeMore putters. Ever since I began using them I see more putts (sorry) fall into the hole. The Triangulator is the perfect tool to help you develop the ability to aim your putter blade right where you want it, rather than where you only think you want it.

So, for less than the price of a sleeve of premium balls you can have something light enough and small enough to store in your golf bag that will keep your aim sharp and the putts falling.

Buy one today. You’ll be surprised to learn where you’re truly aiming and pretty soon you’ll end up making more putts!

The SeeMore Triangulator


SeeMore Triangulator Review

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