SeeMore Corona Del Mar FGP

I get emails from time to time asking me if SeeMore putters are truly as good as I say they are. It is a tad frustrating since there’s no way for me to prove SeeMore’s superiority or, for that matter, the superiority of any other product I have ever used.

Some things simply need to be learned first hand.

Still, what I have done is to come to see the SeeMore FGP as a tool rather than a mere golf club. Do you know how it is to reach for the exact tool that you need? Maybe it’s a #00 Phillips head screwdriver. If you reach for that but end up with a #2 Phillips you’re not going to get that screw tightened (or loosened, as the case may be). But, if you need the #00 and that’s what ends up in your hand, your job just got a lot easier. That’s the best way to extol the virtues of the SeeMore FGP. Whenever I reach for it, I know I’m reaching for the right tool for the job.

A while back I was looking at the SeeMore website and I saw their new SeeMore Corona Del Mar FGP and I simply loved the finish. I wasn’t too sure about the TPU insert but I knew I wanted to try it to find out if the folks at SeeMore had found a way to make a superb tool even more effective.


Yes, this is a very good looking putter for sure.


The TPU insert is milled similarly to the rest of the putter’s face which adds a little extra visual impact.

It’s all good news since the Corona Del Mar shares its visual profile at address with my trusty vintage FGP.


One interesting difference between these two SeeMores is the internal profile of the head. You can easily see what I’m describing in the next two photos.



The internal profile of the Corona Del Mar is obviously squared off where the original FGP has a nearly round profile behind the face. I’ve been trying to decide which would be better in an absolute sense. The newer putter obviously puts a lot more mass behind the ball whereas the original FGP distributes what mass it has toward the top and bottom of the face. You can also see that Corona Del Mar has some added mass on heel and toe of the sole that the older FGP lacks. I asked Jim Grundberg of SeeMore about this and he said that the lighter weight of the TPU insert allowed them to move some mass around relative to the original FGP. The head weight on original FGPs averages around 335 grams while the Coronna Del Mar tips the scales to right around 355 grams.

Many of you will know that my original FGP was a purchase of sheer luck. I had been putting abysmally for quite some time and I needed a change from the Anser-style putter I had favored for many years. In rooting through the used putter barrel I came across a well-worn FGP. The bad news was that the old SeeMore grip had split with age and was slicker than slick. The good news was that it was very, very inexpensive. I took the time to read up on what I call the SeeMore method and put the FGP directly into my bag. I’ve never looked back. The question at hand is how well the Corona Del Mar measures up.

My initial concerns were these:

Does the TPU insert change the putter’s sound or feel relative to the original brass FGP? 

Do the rest of the Corona Del Mar’s materials change the putter’s mass and balance?

First, the TPU: It feels great and sounds far better than I expected. The Corona Del Mar has  a somewhat more crisp sound and feel at impact.

I like it. The putter feels smooth but lively.

This lively feel of the Corona Del Mar is offset by what I believe (I’m too lazy to weigh them) is greater head weight and probably greater swing weight than the FGP. The combination makes the Corona Del Mar especially well suited to the kind of faster greens I play on in the summer months.

The Corona Del Mar is an easy putter to control and pretty much every putt feels as if it’s been struck solidly.



I wouldn’t be much of a reviewer if I failed to come up with even a single complaint. The lower painted section of the older FGP is painted a matte black which the corresponding section on the Corona Del Mar is slightly glossy. Initially I convinced myself that the glossy paint could cause glare in bright sunlight but upon my first round under the Southern California sun I found this problem to be nonexistent. On a happy note, though, SeeMore does now offer this section painted in a variety of different colors if you’re more into color than I am. Me? I like basic black.

There are very few classic, timeless golf clubs. There are even fewer golf clubs that approach an ideal of concept and utility. SeeMore FGP models accomplish both of these rare feats. I congratulate everyone at SeeMore for recognizing the brilliance of the FGP design and all of the ways that it can consistently benefit golfers, whether they play on the PGA Tour or their local muny.  The SeeMore Corona Del Mar is truly a worthy successor to the original FGP. It’s easy for me to recommend SeeMore to everyone who wants to improve their putting. SeeMore gives players both a proven technique and a proven product. If you use a SeeMore putter the way it was designed you will make more putts.

It’s that simple so get out there and start making more putts.



SeeMore Corona Del Mar FGP

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