Untitled 13: Cheseboro Canyon

The mighty Panasonic Lumix LX3 at work again. The fading sunlight illuminated the long-dead grasses of spring and summer. The oak is immense, one of the largest and likely oldest I’ve seen. It appears to have self-pruned a branch that was at least 6′ across.


Untitled 13: Cheseboro Canyon

2 thoughts on “Untitled 13: Cheseboro Canyon

    1. Ding- Thanks. Not sure if you got (or I sent?) my email on this. Cheseboro Canyon is just off the 101 between Woodland Hills and Westlake Village. There’s lots of great hiking on both sides of the 101 from Topanga all the way to Camarillo. Thank goodness for The Nature Conservancy! Thanks again.


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